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“Atwood's work is at once evocative of both early European master paintings and old Hollywood cinematography.  Atwood meticulously composes each image to convey that we and our homes are a unified fabric.”

– Yossi Milo, Yossi Milo Gallery

“Refreshing clarity and modesty.”
– The New Yorker

"Pictures alive with imagination, detail and beauty.  He turns his gaze to some of the most creative and influential cultural leaders of our time."

– Annie Philbin, Director of Hammer Museum

“It’s easy to get drawn in by Kings & Queens in Their Castles… Atwood turns the culture of celebrity and architecture into something that goes beyond portraiture.” 

– Los Angeles Times

"The access Tom Atwood tirelessly worked to achieve is absolutely astonishing.  With charm, pizzazz, and sheer determination, Atwood captures the intimate lives of many of the most fascinating and respected members of our LGBTQ community."

– Brian Clamp, ClampArt

“A studied mélange of portraiture and architectural photography.”

– Washington Post       

“Complex... sincere... enchanting... frequently wonderful.”
– The Art Newspaper

“Tom Atwood is something of a master [with] acute instinct for conveying the resonance between portrait subjects and the objects and places that help communicate the texture of their lives...  Kings & Queens in Their Castles is inspirational and essential for the library of every serious portrait shooter... The pictures are brilliant imaginative environmental portraits [with] evocative visual clues, both empirical and symbolic.”

– Rangefinder Magazine

“Vivid portraits… flying in the face of stereotypes.”

– San Francisco Chronicle


“Fascinating... Atwood has a good sense of timing, and an eye for natural, unguarded gesture, as well as for nuance and symmetry... Atwood raises empathy and understanding by humanizing everyone he photographs.”

– PDN Magazine

“Inviting... odd... intriguing.”

– Denver Post

“Remarkable environmental portraits... An important historical collection for future generations.”

– Lenscratch Magazine



“Intimate photographs... [offering] insight into private lives and personalities.”

– New York Magazine

“Marvelous photographs that capture our idiosyncrasies and obsessions.”

– Tony Kushner, Playwright

“Rare, capricious moments that shimmer with emotion and intimacy.”

– Publisher's Weekly

"Immense depth and richness, like a monumental series of biographies.”
– Andrew Lear, Harvard University

“Icons in stunning color.”

– Huffington Post

“The most ambitious photo series ever conducted of the LGBTQ experience in the USA.”

– The Photo Review

"Imagination, energy and eccentricity."

– Art Ltd. Magazine

“A modern day Gainsborough.”

– Genre Magazine

"Brilliantly illustrated."

– Chicago Free Press

"An outstanding achievement in environmental portraiture.  Atwood portrays his subjects with passion and grace, giving royal treatment to both the glamorous and the chaotic."

– Moisés Kaufman, Playwright


– Washington Blade

"With acute sensitivity and striking visual flair, Atwood penetrates secret lairs... resulting in brilliantly-constructed stages displaying uninhibited flights of imaginative fantasy."

– Arthur Tress, Photographer

“Arguably one of the most committed photographers in the country.” 

– Advocate Magazine

“Dynamic, mysterious, magical, Atwood has mastered the essential but most elusive element of his art, which is light.”

– Edmund White, Novelist





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